Education and Research on Regional Disaster Prevention Department

The Research Center for Regional Disaster Management is in charge of this Department. Full-time and part-time faculty members, research assistants, and visiting professors from inside and outside the university all carry out research and education that contribute to regional disaster management as well as to recovery and reconstruction after the disaster. As its name suggests, the main feature of the center is its focus on regional disaster management.

Tsunami, volcanic eruptions, floods and other forms of natural disasters are region specific in terms of how they occur, as well as how the region recovers and is reconstructed afterwards. Thus, the center is engaged in disaster management research and education that is designed according to regional characteristics specific to Iwate and the Tohoku area. Many of our faculty members value engaging with a familiar field for a long time. They identify challenges that regional disaster management faces and seek solutions to improve the situation.

The center consists of three divisions: Natural Disaster Analysis Division, Community Development and Disaster Management Division, and Disaster Culture Division. Since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, our faculty members in the three divisions have worked with local residents to conduct field studies in order to assess the degree of devastation in affected areas. In addition, through analysis of earthquakes and tsunami, they have supported community development and reconstruction. They have also supported educational activities and the keeping of oral and written records. Hence, our mission is to become the research center for Iwate’s regional disaster management as well as a platform to facilitate reconstruction in the Sanriku coastal area and other affected areas in Iwate.

Our goals for the immediate future include advancing research and education together with local communities in order to accelerate post-disaster reconstruction work. We also consider it important to strengthen partnerships with other universities inside and outside Japan, such as those that experienced the Great Hanshin and Awaji, Niigata Chuetsu or other earthquakes and reconstruction processes, and also regional universities that are concerned about possible Nankai Trough and other earthquakes. We seek to develop these partnerships to create a place of learning of mutual interest that is coherent through the past, present and future.

Purpose of the project

  • 1.Safe and secure regional development in the Sanriku area
  • 2.Creation, practice, and succession of disaster culture
  • 3.Information on disaster prevention practice in the Sanriku area

Outline of the project

  • ・ Expand community-based disaster management activities that have been implemented by Iwate University (support for the construction of disaster management systems and the education of disaster prevention) and contribute to the development of facilities, communities and human resources for recovery and reconstruction in the devastated areas struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.
  • ・ Construct community-based and bottom-up disaster management systems (the Sanriku Model) for residents living in areas frequently struck by tsunami, based on their traditional disaster culture.
  • ・ Introduce the Sanriku Model to communities that might be struck by large earthquakes in the near future.
  • ・ Function as the “International Center for Disaster Prevention Research” planned by the Iwate Prefectural Government.
  • ・ Create fruitful results by collaborating with other universities and research groups.

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Department Member

所属部門・班 役職 職名 氏名
機構長 理事(研究・復興・地域創生担当)・副学長 藤代 博之
地域防災教育研究部門 部門長 地域防災研究センター長(理工学部 教授) 越谷 信
部門員 人文社会科学部 教授 後藤 尚人
人文社会科学部 教授 五味 壮平
人文社会科学部 教授 田中 隆充
人文社会科学部 教授 松岡 勝実
人文社会科学部 准教授 杭田 俊之
教育学部 教授 田代 高章
教育学部 教授 麥倉 哲
教育学部 教授 大野 眞男
教育学部 准教授 田中 成行
理工学部 教授 小林 宏一郎
理工学部 教授 今野 晃市
理工学部 教授 本間 尚樹
理工学部 教授 南 正昭
理工学部 准教授 大河原 正文
理工学部 准教授 大西 弘志
理工学部 准教授 小笠原 敏記
理工学部 准教授 小山田 哲也
理工学部 准教授 山本 英和
理工学部 助教 鴨志田 直人
理工学部 助教 松林 由里子
理工学部 助教 谷本 真佑
農学部 教授 井良沢 道也
農学部 教授 廣田 純一
農学部 准教授 三宅 諭
連合農学研究科 教授 比屋根 哲
男女共同参画推進室 准教授 堀 久美
地域防災研究センター 教授 福留 邦洋
地域防災研究センター 教授 熊谷 誠
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 教授 今井 潤
国際連携室 准教授 石松 弘幸
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