Education and Research Division

The Education and Research Division consists of the Education and Research on Manufacturing Technology Department, the Education and Research on Sanriku Fishery Industry Department, the Education and Research on Regional Disaster Prevention Department, and the Education and Research on Hiraizumi Studies Department. The four departments utilize Iwate’s regional traits to promote education and research in their fields of specialization.

This Department carries out activities in coordination with the Research Center for Manufacturing Technology. Founded in April 2016, the Research Center for Manufacturing Technology aims to further develop research on manufacturing based on achievements in the engineering fields of die and mold, casting, and complex devices at Iwate University. It serves as the comprehensive research central point of manufacturing technologies for the entire university, including agriculture and the social science fields. The center also provides research results and manufacturing technologies to develop local industry and advance core industries in Iwate through creating new industries and fostering advanced specialized engineers. The center includes three separate divisions: Research Center for Die and Mold Technology, Research Center for Casting Technology, and Research Center for Industrial Science and Technology.

The Research Center for Die and Mold Technology strives to: advance technological research, become an international research center, provide research results to local industry, educate advanced specialized engineers, and make local industry more competitive internationally through the development of new technologies and products. In a university-community partnership, the center encourages the revitalization of local industry and the development of human resources through working with a combination of elementary technologies, including designing, processing, and surface engineering die and mold, and applied technologies for practical use, including pressing and molding. The center has a satellite office in Kitakami.

The Research Center for Casting Technology has multiple goals: research and development, industry-academia partnerships, human resource development, manufacturing education, awareness and PR, and international exchange. In its role as a center for research and development in casting technologies, the center provides basic and collaborative research. It also provides education of university students, working adults and local engineers, and support for training in local manufacturing. The center has a satellite office in Oshu.

The Research Center for Industrial Science and Technology aims to respond to the technological needs of industry-academia-government projects with respect to: technological education, research, revitalization of local industry, and human resource development. In partnership with local communities and the university, the center creates industrial technologies that are useful to various industries and puts them into practical use. It also promotes the revitalization of local industry and human resource development. The center has a satellite office in Hanamaki.


Department Member

所属部門・班 役職 職名 氏名
機構長 理事(研究・復興・地域創生担当)・副学長 藤代 博之
企画室 室長 理事(研究・復興・地域創生担当)・副学長 藤代 博之
副室長 三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任教授 小山 康文
ものづくり技術教育研究部門 部門長 ものづくり技術研究センター長(理工学部 教授) 長田 洋
理工学部 教授 平塚 貞人
理工学部 教授 鎌田 康寛
理工学部 教授 恒川 佳隆
理工学部 教授 西館 数芽
理工学部 教授 西村 文仁
理工学部 教授 平原 英俊
理工学部 教授 本間 尚樹
理工学部 教授 水野 雅裕
理工学部 教授 水本 将之
理工学部 教授 八代 仁
理工学部 教授 吉本 則之
理工学部 教授 脇 裕之
理工学部 教授 小林 宏一郎
理工学部 准教授 叶 榮彬
理工学部 准教授 内舘 道正
理工学部 准教授 芝﨑 祐二
理工学部 准教授 清水 友治
理工学部 准教授 土岐 規仁
理工学部 准教授 西川 聡
理工学部 准教授 吉野 泰弘
理工学部 准教授 吉原 信人
理工学部 助教 関本 英弘
理工学部 助教 阿部 貴美
理工学部 助教 村岡 宏樹
農学部 教授 伊藤 菊一
農学部 教授 武田 純一
研究推進機構 准教授 木村 毅
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