Education and Research on Sanriku Fishery Industry Department

The mission of this Department is university education and research/development carried out at Iwate University Sanriku Fisheries Research Center. Since its foundation on April 1, 2013, the center has pursued the Project for Formation of the Research and Education Center of SANRIKU Fisheries in partnership with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and Kitazato University. The goals of this project are to promote research and development and to develop educational activities that contribute to the reconstruction of fisheries in the Sanriku region. The center continues this partnership under the current structure of the Organization of Revitalization for Sanriku Region and Regional Development.

An overview of departmental activities for human resource development, research and development, and international contributions is as follows:

Graduate and undergraduate education

In 2016, the Fishery Course was launched at the Department of Food Production and Environmental Management of the Faculty of Agriculture. Enrollment is limited to 20 students each year, and so far, 21 students have been accepted. A graduate-level course will be offered in 2017. Preparation is underway to accept Master’s course students who specialize in the field of fisheries into the regional development major that will be newly offered as a result of the reorganization of the graduate schools. Now six instructors have been assigned as essential faculty members. Undergraduate students will move from the Morioka campus to Kamaishi in the second semester of the third year to work on graduation projects and receive practical training on site. Graduate students will be allocated to Kamaishi from the first year.

Research and development

In the past, research was carried out in four independent departments. This structure has been reorganized into three fields of research: marine resources of the Sanriku coastal area, shore and marine cultivation of fish and shellfish, including feed research, and development of access to the global market with more strategic marine products. This will enable the center to build a systematic model of production, processing, distribution, and sales in order to develop a foundation for sharing know-how and continuous innovation. In order to realize this, the center will implement a system to accelerate various types of private investment in addition to the public competitive funding from the government that has been available so far. While faculty members of this center will naturally play a core role in this, the center plans to secure its own source of funding to pursue continuing research and development in the future.

The development of an innovative business model in fisheries and the formation of a center for independent international education/research/development rooted in the local community

The center seeks to set up an independent business association as a means to achieve the above-mentioned goals and ensure the development of a profitable business model. In addition, the center will focus on the promotion of business models to local communities and the provision of practical education for both Iwate University students and citizens.

The purpose of the business model is to generate local employment and improve the economy. We expect it to be a powerful tool for the reconstruction of the Sanriku region. The next step will be to develop the project in other regions and overseas. This will create a system that allows the center’s achievements in research and development to contribute through actual practice to sustainable development of fisheries in the world.

Department Member

所属部門・班 役職 職名 氏名
機構長 理事(研究・復興・地域創生担当)・副学長 藤代 博之
三陸復興部門 部門長 人文社会科学部 教授 後藤 尚人
副部門長 三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 教授 今井 潤
学習支援班 班長 教育学部 教授 麥倉 哲
班員 教育学部 教授 遠藤 孝夫
教育学部 准教授 岩木 信喜
教育学部 准教授 佐々木 全
教育学研究科 特命教授 高橋 和夫
いわて高等教育コンソーシアム連携班 班長 人文社会科学部 教授 後藤 尚人
班員 人文社会科学部 准教授 藤本 幸二
教育推進機構 教授 脇野 博
教育推進機構 准教授 江本 理恵
心のケア班 班長 人文社会科学部 教授 山口 浩
班員 人文社会科学部 教授 織田 信男
人文社会科学部 教授 松岡 和生
人文社会科学部 教授 奥野 雅子
教育学部 教授 山本 奬
教育学部 准教授 岩木信喜
保健管理センター 准教授 立原 聖子
保健管理センター 准教授(カウンセラー) 早坂 浩志
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任准教授(臨床心理士) 佐々木 誠
被災動物支援班 班長 農学部 教授 佐藤 れえ子
班員 農学部 教授 宇塚 雄次
農学部 教授 岡田 啓司
農学部 教授 山﨑 真大
農学部 准教授 福井 大祐
農学部 助教 内田 直宏
農学部 助教 小林 沙織
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任研究員 山﨑 弥生
地域コミュニティ再建支援班 班長 農学部 教授 廣田 純一
人文社会科学部 教授 五味 壮平
人文社会科学部 准教授 杭田 俊之
教育学部 教授 麥倉 哲
工学部 教授 南 正昭
農学部 准教授 三宅 諭
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任助教 船戸 義和
ものづくり産業復興推進班 班長 理工学部 教授 水野 雅裕
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 教授 今井 潤
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任研究員 熊谷 和彦
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任研究員 真野 孝幸
農地復興班 班長 農学部 准教授 山本 清仁
班員 農学部 教授  倉島 栄一
農学部 教授 颯田 尚哉
農学部 准教授 金山 素平
農学部 准教授 濱上 邦彦
農学部 准教授 原科 幸爾
農学部 准教授 武藤 由子
農学部 教授 築城 幹典
農学部 准教授 立石 貴浩
園芸振興班 班長 農学部 准教授 松嶋 卯月
農学部附属寒冷フィールドサイエンス教育研究センター 教授 由比 進
農学部 准教授 折笠 貴寛
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 客員教授 岡田 益己
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