Regional Development Department

The Regional Development Department serves as a point of contact between private businesses or local governments and Iwate University. We are building a network that brings together industry, government, academia, and private finance, including financial institutions, to engage in matching Iwate University research projects to local needs. We also arrange for municipal staff from five cities in Iwate to work as research collaborators within the organization (see “Collaborative Research with Municipalities under Mutual Friendship and Cooperative Agreements” on page xx). This is a practical activity with partner municipalities in order to advance post-disaster reconstruction and local development projects in partnership with industry, academia, and government.

Technical consultation and inquiries on collaborative research

The department is the contact point for various technical inquiries. We are ready to provide immediate technical consultation and respond to inquiries on collaborative research. In addition to individual consultations, we organize consultation meetings in which faculty members of Iwate University respond to requests by private businesses (or individuals) for specialized advice from multiple faculty members or for opinions from experts in different fields.

For consultation, call the Regional Development Department for consultation at 019-621-6492 or e-mail

Network of industry, government, academia, private-finance and research projects

The Council for Promoting Industry-Academia Partnership in Iwate (hereafter Liaison-I) has been established to spread research initiatives from universities to local businesses efficiently in partnership with the Bank of Iwate. Participating institutions include Iwate Prefectural University, National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College, Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, Iwate Industrial Research Institute, Iwate Biotechnology Research Center, Iwate Agricultural Research Center, Iwate Prefectural Forestry Technology Center, Iwate Fisheries Technology Center, Kita-Nippon Bank, and the Development Bank of Japan.

Liaison-I organizes an event every year for matching research initiatives and business needs. Financial institutions also target companies that have engaged in outstanding collaborative research activities leading to the creation of businesses or products and carry out a program to provide funding for their R&D projects. Liaison-I also hosts over 50 seminars a year in various parts of Iwate through partnerships with the Iwate Network System. In addition, in partnership with the Organization for Research Promotion, Liaison-I participates in exhibitions in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including Innovation Japan (Tokyo) and Technical Show Yokohama, to demonstrate on a national level the outstanding research results of the university.

Liaison-I Matching Fair
Exhibition of research results

Startup support

MIU Cafe The Regional Development Department hosts seminars to support the start up of venture corporations. It maintains a supportive environment by managing and running an incubation center (a research and development center in collaboration with Morioka city and Iwate University called Collabo MiU) that was set up by Morioka City and is located on the university campus. There are regular workshops on design thinking for exploring new “product” manufacturing. Once a month there is a science-themed MIU Café for casual lunch meetings over scientific topics so that local companies and university faculty members have a chance to get to know each other. Collabo MiU student staff members also help local businesses move into the facility.

Program for Addressing Local Challenges

Debriefing of the Program for Addressing Local Challenges Organized in 2007, this program encourages students to study local problems and propose solutions from their own perspective. In cooperation with the Office for the Center of Community and the Organization for Research Promotion, the program calls for the proposal of problems every January. Over 40 problems are submitted, and students work on 20 of them, starting in May each year and reporting their results at a debriefing in March of the following year. Because the university pays for all the expenses, and many university students visit local communities, this program has a great impact on the revitalization of the community. The program has received over 430 problems so far. Students have selected 172 of them to address from their own perspective. Some of the themes are continued as independent projects, as in the case of “City Corners Filled with Smiles” for the Sansa Festival in Morioka.

Executive Office

The department serves as the executive office for the Working Groups for Industrial Revitalization, Reconstruction Education, and Creation of Hometown Iwate of the Iwate Tomorrow Design Organization, as well as for the Iwate Network System (INS).

Promotion of Industry-University Cooperation

Organization for Research Promotion, Iwate University

Department Member

所属部門・班 役職 職名 氏名
機構長 理事(研究・復興・地域創生担当)・副学長 藤代 博之
地域創生部門 部門長 三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 教授 今井 潤
部門員 三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 准教授 山下 晋
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 准教授 小川 薫
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 准教授 伊藤 ひろみ
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任教授 小山 康文
三陸復興・地域創生推進機構 特任専門職員 貫洞 義一
人文社会科学部 教授 浅沼 道成
教育学部 教授 天木 桂子
理工学部 教授 吉本 則之
農学部 教授 小藤田 久義
人文社会科学部 教授 浅沼 道成
人文社会科学部 教授 栗林 徹
人文社会科学部 准教授 長谷川 弓子
教育学部 教授 ※ 鎌田 安久
教育学部 教授 上濱 龍也
教育学部 教授 清水 茂幸
教育学部 准教授 澤村 省逸
教育学部 准教授 清水 将
人文社会科学部 教授 ※ 五味 壮平
人文社会科学部 教授 後藤 尚人
人文社会科学部 准教授 杭田 俊之
教育学部 准教授 梶原 昌五
相互友好協定協力締結自治体・共同研究員 共同研究員(盛岡市) 工藤 啓
共同研究員(釜石市) 澤口 なつ美
共同研究員(奥州市) 上条 雄喜
共同研究員(八幡平市) 武田 孝紀
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